The Impossible Test

The Impossible Test 3.4

Are you up to the ultimate iPhone challenge?

The Impossible Test will test not only your skill and aptitude but also your patience! View full description


  • Inventive challenges and puzzles
  • Keeps records of stats


  • Gets infuriatingly difficult at times


The Impossible Test will test not only your skill and aptitude but also your patience!

The Impossible Test consists of a series of tasks and challenges that you need to pass in the quickest time possible. You can only move to the next question once you've passed a challenge and every time you mess up you lose one of your eight lives.

The puzzles in The Impossible Test start off fairly easy but soon become very complex, testing many different brain abilities such as logic, reflexes, concentration, memory, math, and more. The challenges are very varied and range from tapping a given sequence of colors to spotting the odd one out in a series of drawings. It's important that you read the questions in The Impossible Test very carefully because some of them are designed to catch you out. Which, of course, they will when you're trying to fly through the test as quickly as you can.

The Impossible Test is very addictive due to the lovely sense of satisfaction when you complete a difficult puzzle. It does get infuriating though because every time you die you have to start right back from the very beginning of the test again. I also can't stand the bleeping sound effect that plays when you make a wrong decision.

Despite its challenging nature, The Impossible Test is a free app that you'll find difficult to put down.


  • New questions
  • Easter Egg Questions have finally arrived
  • Updated "News" System
  • Latest OpenFeint integration
  • More achievements
  • New section for the "Space Pack"

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The Impossible Test


The Impossible Test 3.4